Scotland in Pictures by award-winning landscape photographer KARL WILLIAMS

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● Photographs of the Scottish Landscape, ranging from the Lowlands, through the Central Belt and the Trossachs, to the Highlands and Islands.

● Scenic/Architectural Photographs of some of the Cities, Towns and Villages of Scotland.


There is no particular theme to the images: they are, simply, an eclectic collection of scenes and subjects which have caught my eye over the years. For ease of searching and navigation, they have been grouped in galleries according to the general location in which they were taken. Where particular genres or themes are appropriate, however, further gallery categorisation has been done.

Visitors to this site should note that, with few exceptions, the images are not “straight out of the camera” renditions of a scene or subject - largely due to the fact that, despite the opinions of many photographers, no such thing exists in the digital world - and they most certainly do not represent the “capture of a moment of time” beloved by those same photographers. They are, first and foremost, PICTURES in which the camera, the photographic technique and the subsequent processing have been used simply as tools to produce the desired end result. The images, therefore, range from “travel brochure” crowd pleasers right the way through to the distinctly impressionistic in which all the power of Photoshop has been unleashed!

In particular, the majority of my images have been produced using the High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR) technique. Whilst the very mention of HDR has been known to engender a state of apoplexy in some members of the photographic community, who regard it as an abominable affront to the “purity” of the photographic process, this photographer believes that, providing it is used sensibly, sensitively and as a means to an end rather than as an end in itself, this technique produces images which most closely mirror the way we, as humans, see the world. I leave it to you, the visitor, to judge!


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