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The Campsie Fells, known locally as "The Campsies", are a well-known, and highly visible, landmark about 10 miles NE of Glasgow.

The hills are the first major topographical feature North of the Antonine Wall (built in the 1st century A.D.) and represented the northernmost boundary of the Roman Empire as existed at that time.
Campsie MistCampsie Morning (1)Campsie Morning (2)The FenceFeathersThe VeilGolden SilkRocks n' SilkCampsie Glen (1)Campsie Glen (2)The Three StoogesShades (1)Campsie SkyAfter the StormHomeward BoundCampsie Fire (1)Painted Sky (2)Campsie CloudsCampsie Star Trails (1)Campsie Star Trails (2)