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Loch Ard is one of the smaller lochs in the area and has a comparatively small number of viewpoints for the photographer wishing to avoid evidence of human habitation. It does, however, have one inestimable photographic advantage over the other lochs: it holds on to early morning mist for longer!
Ard Autumn (1)Ard Autumn (2)Ard Autumn (4)Ard CabinArd Boat (1)Ard Boat (2)Ard Boat (3)Ard Boat (4)Ard Boats (1)Ard Boats (2)Ard Jetty (1)Ard Jetty (2)Ard Jetty (3)Ard Jetty (4)Ard WinterArd Winter (2)Ard Boathouse (1)Ard Boathouse (2)Ard FenceBoathouse Reflections