Karl Williams Photography | LOCH ARKLET

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Loch Arklet is more a reservoir than a natural loch, having a dam at one end and a sluice gate at the other. It is, however, spectacularly back-dropped by the impressive Arrochar Alps at the west end. It has been said of this loch that it's never the same two days running - a view with which I entirely concur!
Winter ReflectionsArklet DaybreakArklet TreeArklet Tree (2)The GuardianArklet Ice (1)Arklet Rocks (4)Arklet Rocks (1)Arklet Rocks (2)Moss 'n LichenArklet LightArklet BoathouseArklet Boathouse (2)Arklet Daybreak (2)Arrochar AlpsThe PincushionArklet Rocks (3)