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Loch Arklet is more a reservoir than a natural loch, having a dam at one end and a sluice gate at the other. It is, however, spectacularly back-dropped by the impressive Arrochar Alps at the west end. It has been said of this loch that it's never the same two days running - a view with which I entirely concur!
Winter ReflectionsArklet DaybreakArklet Daybreak (2)Arklet TreeArklet Tree (2)The GuardianArklet Ice (1)Arklet Rocks (1)Arklet Rocks (2)Arklet Rocks (3)Arklet Rocks (4)Moss 'n LichenArklet LightArklet BoathouseArklet Boathouse (2)Arklet TranquilityArklet Tranquility (2)Arklet SilkArrochar AlpsThe Pincushion