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Loch Lomond is the largest of the Trossachs lochs, which is rather unsurprising since it is the largest body of fresh water in mainland Britain. Being within a 30 minute drive of Glasgow, it is also the most popular.
Lomond LightThe BranchThe Branch (2)Lomond AutumnWaterglass (1)Waterglass (2)Waterglass (3)Waterglass (6)Rowardennan BonsaiLomond HeatherDying Light (1)Milarrochy RocksMilarrochy Rocks (2)Milarrochy Rocks (3)Milarrochy Rocks (4)Milarrochy Rocks (5)Milarrochy Tree (1)Milarrochy Tree (3)Lomond Light (4)Inversnaid Rocks