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When driving to the Lake of Menteith, the only "lake" in Scotland, it is extremely hard to spot it until you have arrived. Although there are really only two photographic viewpoints, one is (fortunately) supremely positioned for a spectacular sunrise and the other (equally fortunately) is good for sunsets. In particularly hard winters (regrettably not that often), when the loch is completely frozen for several months, the loch is the site for the curling match (the "Bonspiel") between the North and South of Scotland - an event not to be missed!
Menteith Sunrise (1)Menteith Sunrise (2)Menteith Tranquility (1)Menteith Tranquility (2)Menteith ShorelineMenteith Winter (1)Menteith Winter (2)Menteith DaybreakMenteith BoatMenteith Jetty (1)Menteith Jetty (2)Menteith Jetty (3)