Mason Kim(non-registered)
I am really impressed with your work Karl. These is something special in all your photographs. I don't know how to explain it a I am not a professional photographer. But all I can say is you got some amazing talents in this field. Thumps up!
Jennie Desvignes(non-registered)
Hello Karl, I wanted to see your gallery as I started to follow you on Facebook - the beautiful photo with The Wallace Monument and all the pink color drew me in. Your photography is stunning - truly works of art. Your web site is stellar! Cheers!
Alex Saunders(non-registered)
Great website love the vivid colours
John Thow(non-registered)
Hi Karl,,great to talk with you at Dunbar,and very impressed with your web site....hopefully will meet again some time....Happy Shooting.
Glenn Mills aka gmills31(non-registered)
Just checking out your website. The images are stunning. Thanks for sharing some of your "secrets" on processing. Live Long and Prosper my Friend!
You are so good at setting the right tone for each frame and that’s the main reason why these, so common places does looks so beautiful. I really liked that idea and would try to imitate in my next work.
Serena Dunn(non-registered)
Hi Karl,

Bet you never thought to hear from me. Like many other guests, I too took a look at your photographs and the ones I absolutely love are the sunrises and sunsets. Guess it reminds me a lot of Seychelles.

Unlike most, I am fortunate to have seen and been a part of your photography from a very young age. Your photographs are amazing, awesome in fact and I am proud to be related to you. I know your family must be very proud too.

I wish you all the very best and I know your photographs will forever be remembered, framed and hung up in homes and important places for all to see. Good luck and God Bless!
Jacques le Roux(non-registered)
Very impressed with your work! I'm local to you and found you when I started to recce ideas for Grangemouth refinery.
Jorge Fonseca(non-registered)
A portfolio of large category, clearly demonstrates the passion for this art that has, all the techniques were well executed in the photographs, the marvelous light tones in each explored magical place for you. I had the pleasure of meeting some parts of Scotland and without a doubt that I was delighted with so much natural beauty, it is worth having been shortly. Congratulations for the excellent work done and thank you for showing us the true beauty of this country, thank you, hug. Jorge Fonseca
Russell Sherwood Photography
Hi Karl.
Not visited your site for a wee while!
As always - outstanding, impressive and inspirational!
Love your home page introduction!!
I look forward to seeing you again on Skye - hopefully in the near future.
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