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Long exposures (> 1 sec) using a variety of neutral density filters.

Although the majority of "waterfall" images in the various galleries are long exposures, they are not included here but are contained in a dedicated Waterfalls collection.

A tutorial on the use of these filters for long exposures may be found HERE
Waterglass (3)Rowardennan BonsaiDying Light (1)Waterglass (1)Waterglass (6)Milarrochy Tree (1)Waterglass (2)Milarrochy Rocks (5)Waterglass (5)Sunlight and Shadows (2)Chon DawnChon Colours (2)Katrine DawnMenteith Sunrise (1)Hermitage Bridge (1)Etive Shoreline (2)Neist Point (1)Neist Point (2)Elgol (1)Elgol (2)